About Me

Kara S. Posner, CMHC

My name is Kara Posner. I received my Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I practiced privately in Washington, DC and provided counseling services for the University of California, Washington, DC campus before moving to Utah in 2011.

I have helped my clients address grief, job and family conflicts, transitions, and stagnation. The clients I work with come from many different cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as a spectrum of gender and sexual identities. I have a history of working with clients who are going through tough times as well as people living with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, domestic abuse, severe and chronic medical diagnoses, and psychosis. My approach has been described as non-judgmental, respectful, compassionate, focused, supportive, and on-task.

My general approach to counseling is to listen closely to you and your story. I will want to know your therapeutic goals and understand your concerns. Together we will observe and discuss connections, patterns, and habits that may be interfering with progress toward your objectives. I will also help you to recognize and understand your strengths. We will explore how to use your strengths to work through present challenges and how to continue building on them for your future resilience.

SLC Counseling, 1399 S 700 E, Ste 2, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105 Phone and Text: 801.948.0944